Gerry to Speak About Cybersecurity After Equifax Breach.  Reports of security breaches at Equifax have focused attention on the need to follow practices that maximize protection of  sensitive and valuable information. At Elman Technology Law, we help our clients keep abreast of these issues. You’re invited to a free Lunch and Learn event in the Internet catacombs of Reading, PA, where Gerry Elman will be speaking about cybersecurity.

Securing the Internet of Things.  As our gizmos increasingly talk amongst themselves, the Internet of Things (IoT) raise increasing concerns. Recently Gerry gave a keynote speech on Privacy and Security for the Internet of Things at the CIO Government Technology Conference in Philadelphia.  Click here to download his presentation . Gerry will be in Harrisburg, PA (where he had served for four years as a Deputy Attorney General) for an update on October 26th.