From time to time, members of the public anonymously post their questions for attorneys on the website. Gerry Elman of our firm has written answers to some of them, as follows.

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Note: Gerry’s public answers to any such questions do not constitute legal advice, and his response to a publicly-posted question does not form an attorney-client relationship. We hope that these answers facilitate public understanding of the legal issues involved, but point out that such concise and off-the-cuff comments are not intended to be a complete explication of the pertinent law of any jurisdiction. As principles of law change from time to time (because of legislation, court decisions and administrative action), also consider the date of each posting. Actionable legal advice should be obtained from an attorney practicing in the pertinent jurisdiction who is provided confidentially with all pertinent facts. For further explanation, view Gerry’s talk entitled Where’s My Free Legal Advice? presented July 16, 2009, at the World Technology Summit in New York City.