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Happy New Year 2018

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As 2017 winds down, we at Elman Technology Law wish you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of health, happiness, and success. 2017 was full of noteworthy events, and we thought we'd highlight a few items that especially affect our clients. For decades we've had the privilege of offering calendars with images [...]

December 2016

Privacy & Security for the Internet of Things

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On December 8, 2016, Gerry Elman gave a presentation on Privacy and Security for the Internet of Things.  As new products and services are designed, innovators will need to build-in security from the outset and consider the privacy implications of the data derived from them.  Gerry shared the very latest information on the subject (including [...]

April 2016

American Bar Ass’n to distribute FBI cyber-threat warnings

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April 12, 2016 - In the wake of headlines detailing cyber-breaches at some of the most prominent law firms in the U.S., the President of the American Bar Association this morning sent a letter to its members, advising that from now on we will receive FBI Amber Alerts with intelligence that warn of cyber-threats to the [...]

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May 2013

Are Human Genes Patentable?—The Experts Weigh In

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Pending Supreme Court Case Against Myriad Genetics Is Analyzed in Biotechnology Law Report New Rochelle, NY, May 22, 2013—A landmark case for the biotechnology industry awaits a Supreme Court ruling, expected in June, on whether polynucleotides isolated from human genes should continue to be subject to patent protection. On April 15, each side in the [...]

May 2010

New: Follow Elman Technology Law on LinkedIn

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We've had a Fan Page on Facebook for quite awhile. If you haven't signed up for it yet, c'mon over and click on the button that says you "Like" our firm. But what's new is the functionality on LinkedIn that allows you to learn about the goings on at various companies. To Follow our firm [...]