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Aug. 21, 2018: Join the Cloud Security Alliance for a free breakfast & networking event in Philadelphia

Cloud Security 101 – SMB Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them.

Date:  Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 8 AM

Location:  WeWork, 1601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA  19103

Click here to register

Gerry Elman and Josh Waterston are on the Board of CSA-DV and strongly support the goal of educating the public about cloud security.  Like many of our friends, we know first-hand the cybersecurity risks that small and medium-size businesses face every day.  Such businesses often have fewer staff and financial resources to apply to cybersecurity threats.  Going to “the Cloud” is a very tempting solution, with both risks and rewards.

Join us to learn more about Cloud Security from people who have been there and done that. Hear real stories, harrowing horrors, near misses and great successes from other SMB’s. Learn how you can securely leverage “the Cloud” for your digital and data landscape…  And make some great connections along the way.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Will your underwear talk to the internet?

Will your underwear become a node on the Internet of Things? Gerry Elman attended the Greater Philadelphia Smart Fabrics Conference at Drexel University’s Center for Functional Fabrics on May 9, 2017.  He enjoyed learning more about the Smart Belly Band for pregnant moms, developed in the Shima Seiki Haute Technology Lab at Drexel’s ExCITe Center.

Gerry continues to hone his cutting-edge expertise on the implications of intellectual property and cybersecurity law for this burgeoning field of technological development.

Drexel's Smart Belly Band shown at Chemical Heritage Foundation Museum

Drexel’s Smart Belly Band shown at Chemical Heritage Foundation Museum







As a speaker and mentor at the Advanced Textiles Conference of IFAI Expo in New Orleans this September, he will be sharing that expertise with entrepreneurs shaping the future.

Interested in Smart Cities?

On June 9-10, 2017, Gerry will participate in the Comcast/machineQ Smart City Hackathon in Center City Philadelphia, helping to build an Internet of Things solution for “smarter,” more responsive city infrastructure.  This includes hands-on experience with the long range wireless technology being rolled out by Comcast subsidiary machineQ.

If you’re envisioning developments in this field, make plans to join him at one of these events. Or send a note via the Contact Us form on this page.

Also keep in mind that Gerry co-hosts the TriState.IoT Meetup, which draws participants from Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.  In-person meetings are typically in the vicinity of Radnor and Paoli, PA, and some are webinars.  For ongoing updates on their doings, join the Meetup for free.

American Bar Ass’n to distribute FBI cyber-threat warnings

April 12, 2016 – In the wake of headlines detailing cyber-breaches at some of the most prominent law firms in the U.S., the President of the American Bar Association this morning sent a letter to its members, advising that from now on we will receive FBI Amber Alerts with intelligence that warn of cyber-threats to the legal industry.

BIO International Convention – June 27-30, 2011 – Washington, D.C. – let’s get together

If you’ll be at the BIO International Convention next week, let’s get together.  Send me a note via the Contact Us window in the lefthand column of this page, or leave a voicemail at 610-328-0580.

While at BIO, you should pick up the latest copy of Biotechnology Law Report—the journal I founded in 1982 with publisher Mary Ann Liebert.  We’re up to the third issue of volume 30 … still going strong.  Get it at Exhibit Booth 4213, in the Clinical Trials section of Hall C, where you’ll also see their flagship trade paper GEN, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

My latest article in GEN urges Congress to fund a transformation of the information infrastructure for examining U.S. patent applications.  It follows up on an editorial I published in Biotechnology Law Report back in 2007, which happens to have been cited in the Wikipedia entry on latent semantic analysis.

Then be sure to flip over your June 2011 issue of BLR, because the back cover features a spectacular illustration that I commissioned from Philadelphia artist Tim Durning.  It depicts a dream where I am fancifully transported into a science fiction story written by Damon Knight in 1953 (coincidentally, the year Watson & Crick sussed out the DNA double helix).

 And while in Washington, stay tuned for the latest developments on patent law in Congress.  The U.S. House of Representatives is imminently expected to consider H.R. 1249, the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act.  Many of us had high hopes that the Bill would end the practice of diverting fees collected from users of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to other governmental use, in accordance with the expectation of the patent community in 1999 when the U.S. PTO was declared a PBO.  As chair of the Legislative Committee of the Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Association, I recently prepared for PIPLA’s Board of Governors a resolution they recently sent to Congress, urging full funding of the PTO.

Science Fiction Roundtable at the World Technology Summit, sponsored by Elman Technology Law

Since 2001, Gerry Elman has been a founding member of the World Technology Network (the “WTN”). Annually since then, the WTN has produced a summit conference and awards gala, the World Technology Summit and Awards, at venues ranging from London, to San Francisco, to New York City.

This year’s World Technology Summit and Awards took place in New York City on November 30 and December 1 at the Time & Life Building at Rockefeller Center.

On December 1,  the roundtable on IMAGINED WORLDS / PLAUSIBLE FUTURES: How Sci-Fi Legends Dream for Us, featured

  • Paul Levinson, Author; Former President of Science Fiction Writers of America; and Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University
  • Stanley Schmidt, Author; Editor of Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazine
  • David Hartwell, Three-time Winner of the Hugo Award; Administrator of the Philip K. Dick Award

It was moderated by Dr. Moira Gunn, Host of Tech Nation and BioTech Nation on National Public Radio’s 24-hour program stream.   [Click here to watch a short video clip from the event]

Said Gerry Elman,

“I am delighted that WTN founder Jim Clark acted on my suggestion to include such a roundtable in this year’s Summit, and that Elman Technology Law has been afforded the opportunity to sponsor this event.  It is exciting to acknowledge that many of the technological advances we are living with were first envisioned by authors writing in the genre of science fiction.  By reading science fiction, we stretch our minds towards a vision of the future that we, as technologists, then help to engender.”

Indeed, at a previous World Technology Summit, science fiction legend Sir Arthur C. Clarke was interviewed via a satellite link from his home in Sri Lanka, fitting–in that he had first proposed satellite communications in 1945.

Gerry asserts that an unsung prophet of biotechnology is Damon Knight, who in 1953 wrote a story called Natural State in which rural agricultural biotechnologists (the “muckfeet”) are at war against city folk whose lives are based on electromechanical technology.   In the story, the muckfeet communicate via genetically engineered vines with a nervous system that provides telephony, and transport themselves via genetically engineered big birds.  They win the war with the urbanites by splicing genes into a microbe to get it to gobble up copper, thereby destroying the technological infrastructure by which the city people communicate.

Gerry notes that, at the same time that James Watson and Francis Crick were sussing out the double-helix structure of DNA, Damon Knight conceived for that story the concept of splicing genes to create a biological chimera.  Later, Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer were to develop a tool to realize that dream, the technique of recombinant DNA, that was patented due to the watchful eye of patent attorney Bertram Rowland (whose recent passing we sadly note), working with Niels Reimers of the Stanford University technology transfer office.  Gerry observes wryly that Damon Knight’s story was not among the “prior art” cited during the prosecution of the Cohen-Boyer patents.

Damon Knight went on to found an organization of authors then called Science Fiction Writers of America (“SWFA”) and now known as Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.  More recently, Roundtable panelist Paul Levinson served as president of SWFA.  Coincidentally many scenes of Levinson’s sci-fi novels are set in midtown Manhattan, close to the venue of the Summit conference.

"Natural State" was the cover story in the January 1954 issue of Galaxy

Gerry observes that the war between biotechnologists and information technologists envisioned by Damon Knight in Natural State has an eerily familiar echo in the present debate over “patent reform.” Many major information technology companies have been lobbying Congress to defang U.S. patent law, while most biotechnology companies are striving to resist such a statutory change.  For further information on this, subscribe to Elman’s Patent Reform News by sending Gerry an email addressed to info@elman.com, and visit the website of American Innovators for Patent Reform.

As to the vulnerability of our technological infrastructure highlighted by Knight’s story, Gerry urges us also to heed the cautionary message in Richard Clarke’s recent book Cyber War.

2018 Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Rating of AV Preeminent® Gerry Elman has received a 2018 Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Rating of AV Preeminent®
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