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Cyberhome Page

HELLO! This is the main page of our website in cyberspace, our “cyberhome page.” We are a boutique law firm providing strategic lawyering services to cultivate our clients’ innovation.

The Risk is Real.  Is Your Business CyberSecure?

Elman Technology Law - Cybersecurity Legal Audit - The Risk is Real

Get a Cybersecurity Legal Audit from Elman Technology Law – Is Your Business CyberSecure? Click here for full-size image.

Many of our clients are asking us whether they need to be concerned about cybersecurity, or if it’s just a lot of media hype. This is one area where what you don’t know can hurt you. Executives in the “C-Suite” are responsible for the safety of their companies.  You may think your company is too small for cybercriminals to notice.  However, companies large and small can be targets of cyberattacks.  You are very likely to be subject to data protection requirements, breach disclosure requirements, and various compliance regulations (HIPAA and HITECH are only two of many).

Recent cyber attacks against large companies have exploited vulnerabilities in the breached company’s vendors. For example, Target was breached through its HVAC vendor’s systems.  Large companies are increasingly refusing to use suppliers and vendors that can’t show that they have a mature cybersecurity program.

For these reasons, businesses need to know their risks.  An IT firm can test the security of your network at this moment, but can’t advise you on legal compliance and best practices issues. Software and hardware companies can help prevent external attacks and inform you after an attack has occurred, but they can’t give you confidential legal advice on how to prepare for this worst-case scenario.

We can help.  Contact us today to schedule a cybersecurity legal audit.  For a modest investment of time and money, you’ll learn your legal and technical risks, and we’ll provide tools to reduce and maybe even eliminate many of those risks.  Call 610-892-9942 or email us today.

Gerry Elman Featured on Money Matters TV

Gerry Elman was interviewed on Money Matters TV on February 4, 2015. He discussed the latest developments in cybersecurity law and best practices for businesses and consumers to protect themselves.

Here at Elman Technology Law, P.C.

Science Fiction Meets Legal Vision®

Technological progress is sparked by vision — such as the creative imagination shown by legendary authors of science fiction. But innovation doesn’t find its way into the real world unless fueled by a variety of resources. With the tools of legal protection, visionaries gain the leverage to deploy such resources. At Elman Technology Law, P.C., we endeavor to energize the fulcrum point at which science fiction meets legal vision.

And more specifically …

Elman Technology Law, P.C. provides trusted advice and representation in intellectual property and Internet-related business matters. With extensive experience in patent, trademark and other aspects of the law related to technology and business, we offer the educated guidance that enhances our clients’ likelihood of developing their innovations from concept stage through profitable realization in the marketplace. As a pioneer in cyberlaw, we aid clients conducting all sorts of business via the Internet.

Our services include the following:

  • Protecting intellectual property
    • Patents
    • Trademarks
    • Copyrights
    • Trade secrets
    • Unfair competition
    • Emerging forms of protection, including Internet domain names
    • Ownership of technology by employees and independent contractors
  • Assisting companies implementing computer and Internet-related technologies
    • Legal issues in the deployment of electronic commerce technologies, including cybersecurity
    • Patenting software and computer-driven methods of doing business
    • Negotiating and consummating technology-related business transactions
    • Licenses, assignments and joint research projects
    • Licensing of multimedia and online publication rights
  • Performing intellectual property audits for management, investors and buyers
  • Facilitating resolution of technology and business disputes, through litigation and mediation
  • Counseling and litigation on antitrust and regulatory issues

Those We Serve

Our clients include developers and providers of computer and information technology, including content and applications for the Internet, companies involved in electronic commerce and in bioinformatics, companies developing new products in the biotechnology and chemical industries, and other domestic and foreign businesses and individuals that we assist in intellectual property protection, contract negotiation and dispute resolution. Often we collaborate with a client’s general counsel, whether in-house or in a law firm, to add to the team our unique expertise and experienced judgment. In other instances we work with patent counsel of a foreign company to provide representation before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


We think of strategic lawyering as a collaboration with clients in which we strive to use the tools of the law strategically to fulfill their overall goals, more than just reactively or episodically. Cultivating innovation reminds us of the organic nature of change and that our function is to help nurture invention and its implementation in the real world. As the legal environment for innovation is transformed, we remain vigilant and continually seek to help clients develop an overall strategy for deploying intellectual property to maximize long-term business value.

Gerry Elman recommends that our clients study Bill Aulet’s book Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Personal Attention

A fundamental value at Elman Technology Law, P.C. is the importance of frequent and direct communication between the client and our firm. Our attorneys play an integral role in the development of our clients’ projects, providing ongoing legal support and counsel. To facilitate the timely preparation of documents and correspondence, we were one of the first law firms to use computers and to communicate with clients by electronic mail. To enhance communication worldwide regardless of distance, we are available for videoconferencing via Skype (ID: gerry.elman) and via GoToMeeting.

A Few of Our Credentials

Our firm is proudly listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. We were a charter member of the Eastern Technology Council, which in 2010 merged into PACT, the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies. Among his many activities, Gerry Elman participated for six years in a Vistage Trusted Advisors roundtable and recently served a two-year term on the Board of Governors of the Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Association.

Dispute Resolution

We subscribe to the law firm policy statement of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR). This means that we have pledged that our lawyers are knowledgeable about alternative dispute resolution procedures and will discuss them with clients. The aim is to provide an informed choice concerning the most cost-effective techniques for resolution of a dispute.

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